XML Formatter & Minifier Online

Note: This tool does not send any data to the server. All processing is done at the client side only.

Simplify Editing, Viewing, and Analyzing XML Data with Our Free XML Formatter Online

XML Formatter offers a comprehensive solution for editing, viewing, and analyzing XML data, coupled with powerful formatting capabilities. It provides a straightforward and convenient method to format XML data effortlessly, making it easily shareable with others. With this tool, you can add more or fewer spaces to your XML data by selecting indentation. You can copy and paste the data on the editing interface, or you can also upload the file from your storage.

This tool works smoothly on Windows, Linux, Mac / OSX, Android, or IOS and is accessible through any latest browser. You need only internet connection to use the tool.

Key Features of The Free XML Formatter Online

Readability Enhancement

Beautify raw XML data into a highly readable and organized format, ensuring ease of comprehension and analysis.

Flexible Indentation

Support for multiple indent levels, including 2, 4, and 6 spaces, allowing users to customize XML formatting based on their preferences.

Base64 Encoding

Encode XML data into Base64 format, extending its versatility and compatibility for various applications and systems.

Uploading XML Files

Users can copy, download, or browse XML files from their file system, facilitating easy access to raw XML files.

Formatting Process

After selecting or uploading the XML file, it appears in the left section for formatting. Upon completion, users can download the formatted file for their convenience.

Keep Your Data Safe and Avoid Sudden Losses

Auto Save Feature: Our platform seamlessly stores source XML within your browser if you active the auto safe feature. This data remains accessible across sessions—whether restarting the browser, reopening the tab, or simply reloading it. At any time, you have the flexibility to disable this feature as needed.

Switching Editor Content: Our platform offers effortless content interchangeability between both editors. This functionality proves invaluable during manual content modifications or debugging tasks, providing a convenient switch between content sets for enhanced editing and troubleshooting.

Why you need to use XML formatter Online?

An XML Formatter Online simplifies the process of beautifying and organizing XML data for enhanced readability and understanding. It’s a convenient tool for developers, analysts, and anyone working with XML, ensuring the data is properly structured and easy to comprehend. With features like indentation, multiple indent levels, an XML formatter online streamlines the process of editing and sharing XML data.

How to Use XML Formatter?

Our XML formatter online tool simplifies the validation and improvement of JSON data.

Step 1: Simply copy and paste or upload your XML data on the left side of the editor.

Step 2: The tool formats the XML data as per the chosen settings and preferences, allowing users to view, edit, or download the formatted XML content.

Step 3: Our tool validates the data and displays the formatted output in the appropriate editor for seamless manipulation.

Step 4: Copy the text or download it. This tool allows users to format and download XML content without the need for an account or login credentials.

Easily format your unorganized XML data quickly and save your time. Get started!

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