JSON5 Formatter

Note: This tool does not send any data to the server. All processing is done at the client side only.


Free online json5 formatter and beautifier to beautify, minify and validate json5 content. Json5 is extension to the popular json format and is more user friendly and readable. Below are the features this tool offers

  • Beautify raw json5 with syntax highlighting and indentation. Indentation level of 2, 4 and 6 spaces are supported. 
  • Convert json into json5 instantly.
  • Works as a json5 minifier to minify the json. 
  • Use it as a json5 validator to validate the data and see the error if any.
  • Encode the data into base 64 format.
  • Auto save the data to load it automatically next time when tab reopens.
  • Switch the editors’ content.
  • Copy and download the output data to clipboard or a file.

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