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Note: This tool does not send any data to the server. All processing is done at the client side only.
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Free HTML Formatter Online

Simplify your code and make it more readable with the Online Free HTML Formatter tool by Json Beautify. Our Free HTML Formatter Online gives you the freedom to format code manually and you can use it on any device. Yes, that includes even your Android or iOS phone.

What is HTML Formatter?

An HTML Formatter is a free online tool that helps you transform your HTML code into a format that everyone can read and comprehend easily.

Why is it necessary to make HTML code aesthetic?

Making well indented or minified code more aesthetically pleasing aids de​​velopers in reading, understanding, and debugging the code. As a bonus, it facilitates code readability among developers.

An HTML formatter online tool can also help you rapidly transform the code and include it in your application development projects.

How does the HTML formatter work?

To facilitate code formatting, this web application makes use of the Javascript formatting library. Regular expressions applied to the source code are what make the library function. When applied to code, regular expressions insert appropriate indentation, wrap lines, and eliminate unnecessary ones.

With the JSONBeautify HTML formatter, we can style code to make it appear better.

Parse the code: The program parses the supplied HTML code.

Reformats the code: Code restructuring based on user-defined or default parameters:

  • The correct indentation is added.
  • Breaks lines.
  • Makes spacing consistent.

How to use HTML Formatter Online & HTML Beautifier Online

How to format HTML documents online

  • Put the HTML code into the editor.
  • Choose between tabs or spaces for indentation. Indentation can be customized by choosing the desired number of spaces.
  • Choose Warp Lines characters.
  • To see the HTML code formatted, click the Format HTML button.

You can quickly and simply make your HTML code look better with HTML Beautifier and Formatter by JSONBeautify.

Advantages of Using HTML Formatter Online

Our HTML formatter offers a range of features to help you organize your HTML code.

Real-time View

See changes happen in real time as you type or paste your code. Real time results will help you quickly find errors so that you can edit or change your code whenever the need arises.

Improve Readability

No more hitting tab or spaces. Get clean, perfectly indented code within seconds of pasting it, to ensure better readability and understanding.


Streamline teamwork and better manage code with a consistent code structure. JSONBeautify HTML formatter will help you stay consistent with coding standards and help you and your team spot coding errors faster for a bug free website.

Faster Development

What happens when we automate processes? Yes, faster development, quicker turnaround time which in turn give you more profits.

Cross-Browser Compatibility

Do you crave flexibility? Then HTML-formatter by JsonBeautify is the only tool you need since it is free from platform or device dependency. Use it on your Windows, Linux, Mac, Android, or any other OS and on any size of screen. All you need is internet access and you’re good to go.

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