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Note: This tool does not send any data to the server. All processing is done at the client side only.
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Free HTML Formatter Online for Well Structured Data

You can simplify HTML code writing and editing experience with our comprehensive HTML Formatter. Effortlessly edit, view, and enhance your HTML data for use. The tool transforms messy code into visually appealing codes that are properly organized.

What is HTML Formatter?

An HTML formatter is a tool or software designed to assist in editing, beautifying, and organizing HTML (Hypertext Markup Language) code. Its primary function is to take raw or unorganized HTML code and format it into a more readable, structured, and visually appealing form.

Our tool serves as an HTML beautifier, refining your code to a more elegant and structured format. You can preview the ultimate output and organize your HTML code in real time. It will help you to get clean, well-formatted HTML expedites coding, saving your time.

The Advantages of Using an HTML Formatter

Our HTML formatter offers a range of features to help you organize your HTML code.

Real-time View: The first interface is for editing HTML code and the second is for viewing the results. It helps you to get the real-time results of your actions. So that you can quickly find the errors and fix them.

Improved Readability: You can beautify and format your code with one click. Clean code improves readability, making it easier to maintain and understand. If you copy code from a website, you can organize it within seconds for better understanding.

Consistency: A consistent code structure streamlines teamwork and codebase management. Using the HTML formatter, you can edit the code in real time and preview the result. It helps users to spot coding errors quickly, ensuring a robust and bug-free website.

Faster Development: Efficient coding means faster development cycles, boosting productivity. You can instantly format any HTML code and make it more readable using our platform.

Cross-Browser Compatibility: You can use the HTML formatter in any device and browser. Thus, you do not need to download any software to work on HTML code.

How to use HTML Formatter Online?

Our online tool simplifies the way you write, organize, or edit HTML.

Step 1: Simply copy and paste or upload your HTML code into the left editor.

Step 2: Click on run ‘’Run”. Our tool automatically validates the data, displaying the formatted output in the right editor for seamless interaction and manipulation.

Step 3: You can beautify the written code. Users can also edit codes according to their needs and see the output in real time. It helps you to edit, write and organize data.

Step 4: Once you have finished editing and organizing, copy or download the text.

Best-in-Class Security and Compatibility

Our HTML Formatter is optimized for Windows, Mac, Linux, Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Edge. Trust our tool for secure, reliable HTML formatting. Your data is completely secure. Experience clean, organized HTML code with just a few clicks. Try our HTML Formatter Online and elevate your web development journey!